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Monday, October 30, 2006

Counting down

2 more weeks to go till the end of this semester kinda worried now since there is just 1 more sem to go and out to the real world you go~ just wish that I can do something I love and will stay with although with the harsh time that create up stress and tensions just hope it goes well...
thinking about it there is a previous blog I written about hell? heaven? and hack! Is suitable for us that is under stress now hahaha
just hope it goes well...

(I just like this picture and the blue mood of it, don't ask me why I put it here... I probably answer: because it is my blog ha! Plus it suit the mood of this topic)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Photo race part 2

After port Dickson we are just to late to get anymore pictures the lighting sucks big time, no pro's flash, no sun light and our lecturer is worried, he call us up and ask us to drive directly back to the hotel and check in!
after checking in we dump our stuff into the damn nice room (not very very nice kind of nice, just nice but it work for me, for the price we pay)

pic took at the dinner, hafis, adrain, fresno and mua

me and jesslyn

Azli and serge

we car 36 in our apartment.

the next day we wake up at 7 something after bath etc (what ever, everyone do after they wake up) we when down to have our breakfast (that is provided)

eat out of my plate!

ongky don't be greedy!

happy couple or so? jesslyn and darren


after breakfast we go back to our room and have our "business" done before departing and have to find a toilet after that. and before we start moving some pictures!!


CAR 36~

and drive out to Melaka town for somemore photo before going back to KL. (see it at Part 3)
and more picture where we start at part 1

Sunday, October 22, 2006

What m I like lately

Lately I m work out by loads and loads of assignments

have pass the point of being dead, I m going mad!

stress under tension what ever pros call it I m all that! Just needed a drink and get laid! hahah, anyone have a free Chivas? (I m broke *sob*)

I m that broke that I chew a lot on my big brown beg...

sad huh? *sob*

to work for a meal, I found a job pushing hadicap people in the mall...

just for a nice meal, a decent one at least... sigh...

but a good thing is my parents is there to treat hahah, one of it is being on a trip and it is to Disneyland

to Disneyland is nice..

but hack I got rod by Winnie and Tigger, f**k

I thought that I can fight them and get our things back but...

I got beat up... sigh...

life is hard but sometimes we just need to walk out of hard time

and just give a smile on the face everything will be a-okay~

a reminder, everything in this bloc is partly fiction hahaha

Friday, October 20, 2006

Poem for some people

Some people just don't learn,
some people just blame others for their fault,
some people don't think of their own,
some people just complain how others act,
some people don't see how they act,
some people talk and hurt others,
some people just numb about it,
some people just don't care,
some people don't know,
some people are ignorant,
some people are selfish,
some people are greedy,
some people just don't know what is responsibility,
some people just ignore responsibility,
some people are just self centered,
some people need others to remind,
some people are numb to the reminders,
some people, a lot of people just don't learn

p.s. as a remind, a recall to a lot of some people

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Model for a day

haha last week i help out Cindy's group as a model it is damn fun and the pictures out is damn cool, compliments of Fresno and Liu bin they are the photographer. take a loook to belief.

Acting cool

ha..ha..ha this picture sandra and fresno make me laugh till like this but like it, it is fun!

happy boy

Me and KB

me and cute little cindy

CIndy (Cute like a kitty hahaha dont be mad girl)

like this 2 gals their energy is BIG n they are sporting!

like this pic the mood is damn good (plus it is 1 of the finals the group use for the booklet)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Photo race part 1

this is such a pass hahah, finaly I got the pictures, the pictures I upload here isnt the high resolution 1 so should be a little off, the race started off from putra jaya, drive down to seremban, port dickson and then Melacca for the night, the next day shoot photos in Melacca town and back to KL. say nothing longer the pictures will tell you all.

Putrajaya mosque

Putrajaya mosque

the other side for a different angel

off to seremban and port dickson

Seremban museum

Port Dickson

more on part 2 and 3