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Saturday, January 02, 2010

chef at home

I have been a “chef at home” for this whole week, cooking dinners for my family during my weeklong holiday (which I enjoyed a lot!), my specialty is cooking pasta and this is one of the dish that is off my sleeve – lasagna with bake photato skin.

mind the plate setting :p


Meat sauce is normal Bolognese sauce, which is a “mixture” of the below:

Beef of Chicken

Tomato Paste

Rose Marry (is a must)

Basil (must)

Onion and garlic

Red Wine Vinegar (optional)

HP sauce

Salt and pepper

And stock (Chicken or beef)

Cheese Sauce:



Mozzarella Cheese


Salt and Pepper

Bake Potato Skin

Clean the potato skin before use, boil if for 5 minutes before use, cut it into half scope part of the potato “meat” out leaving the skin and some part of the “meat” fill it with bacon (in my case I use sausage) season it with salt and pepper and cover it up with enamel cheese, bake it for 10-15minutes (ready when cheese melt and slightly golden…

More pasta dish to come~