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I m what I spill here, 80% truth from the heart, I m who I am with another 20% of secrets I keep to myself... 这里吐的就是80%真实的我,另外20%的秘密建设了真正的我。。。

Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Blog of 2007

Early of 2007
I when into my senior year do more assignments and some of it my most satisfy 1, the durex ad is 1 of it… it is a fuss, it is stress but I enjoy it all even the stress, less clubbing, less drinking this year but enjoy it all while doing it…
My final year exhibition, although it is not a total success but still consider ok to go on with, when to a fabulous club – the Luna Bar, miss all the good times…

Mid of 2007
Have my second tattoo on my back.

One of my friends from TAR college got married~ it became a big gathering for us from D1.

Graduated, have the long long holiday again to consider how my life and carrier should go.
The 1st time I done charity work directly with the kids from the children shelter, bonded with some of them.

When to KLPAC for the 1st time and when to my 1st musical – Tunku for the 1st time, thanks to the kids of Ti-Ratana, at every break I have to slightly explain to them what is the scene about but everything is good, is cool! Cause I just love musical~
Knew some cool friends...

End of 2007
Climb Mt. KK enjoy the whole trip! love it love it!

Got my 1st real job (underpaid, and work with 4 hands and 2 head job), resign from it not because I can’t cope, just I can’t stand the boss… find something better (hopefully).

Move out of Cyberjaya (finally), this Christmas have a small Wine dinner party at our place (at Wangsa Maju) love it~ last year celebrate Christmas at Singapore enjoyed it but with the wine and all it compensate. 

This new year eve I m back at Kelantan have a small count down party, better than last year, I bought a bottle of yellow tail (sux) and finish it myself with a beg of chips while watching Star Wars (pathetic)…

This year didn’t really include any real relationship or any that I take it seriously while hope it be better at 2008, cheers and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL~

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Swastika the symbol of redemption

现在象欧洛格宣战~ 哈哈哈, 这是我在 Second Year 的时候 Design 的,“万” 在亚洲它可是一个神的标字就如十字架一样。。。 但因为第二世界大战 NAZI 把它名声弄臭,余臭万年。。。


more to come...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

home sweet home

Never felt so relax in sometime, I m now sitting in my parents room watching a big screen tv and browsing online via wifi~ damn this is something, now clearing my leaves because this company don’t wanna compensate me with cash… oh yea I have resign hahah kinda felt good bout it, but now the problem is I m now jobless sigh well let it be for now, hope for a better 1 to come…

but it took 13 hours to get back on train... sigh~ next time get a plane ticket earlier and faster, the the picture above is taken after I woke up, and I don't know where the hack it is in Kelantan...

My "cat face", just woke up with puffy eyes

Picture taken from my "coffin" window

Oh yea I always call the bed on train “coffin” because it is just the right length for my height… not so comfy to say

Monday, December 24, 2007

2 more movies

Another 2 movies~ well this time didn’t watch it in a roll but 2 days 2 movies hahah, at least this time I have nothing to complain by saying there is so MANY in my list of “wanna watch movies” I m a movie holic… but still there is a lot in the list of “wanna watch movies”. I hate to go to the cinema alone especially watching movies well now it is no more a factor that stop me (good movies are more than a companion… :p), but hack I just got pity by the casher while I m buying my ticket for “I m legend”, “when I say ticket for 1”, he ask me “for 1?” well with that look in his eyes… sigh, I just give him a “so what” smile… (Bleeding inside *sob*)

Picture taken from: http://friendsofdoom.com/gz/img/post/news/2007-06-09-IamLegend_poster_lrg.jpg

I m Legend:
It is seriously a sad movie, not that much actions but quite sentimental for a “biohazard” kind of movie~ love it but leave with a move grey mood from the movies… plus tired from the workout.

Picture taken from: http://www.impawards.com/2007/posters/alvin_and_the_chipmunks.jpg

The next day when for Alvin and the chipmunks:
This brings some childhood memories~ I watch their cartoon before but this is also a good Christmas movie really cheer things up~ cute furry and classic. It is really an antidote after I m Legend, kills the blue. oh yea Jason Lee look damn different from My name is Earl, almost can't recognize him...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Festive Season~ HOHOHO~

Christmas is coming most of the time I hate festive season a lot (exclude Chinese New Year) especially Christmas and Valentine bah, when there is a party I dot mind but mostly the program by that day involve drinking alone at home sigh… what a grey Christmas hahah.. oh yea Merry Christmas...

This week I got the chance to watch 2 movies, Warlords and National Treasure 2: the book of secrets damn cun wei~


(Picture Taken from: http://www.monkeypeaches.com/thewarlords.html)

Sad story, there is always promises, promise to be brothers and live together no matter by happiness or sorrows, to protect each other (什么不求同年同月同日生… 什么扰我兄弟者,必杀之。。。) But in the end… sigh but I do wish I have a bro like 金城武,“大哥是对的”a bro that stand by me always hahaha.

(Picture Taken from: http://blog.ugo.com/images/uploads/national_treasure_2_poster.jpg)
National Treasure:
As usual adventure and brains, this time the concept looks more like tomb raider add on Indianan Jones but overall it is ok, seems like something is missing don’t know what but still like the movie~

Damn there is still a lots of movies I wanted to watch~
Merry Christmas to all and hope I have something to do on Christmas… any program any one?

Friday, December 21, 2007


From a statue you found a prison,
With a guard dog that bark at all cause,
Your complains will only relieve you for a few seconds.
Which one is better?
A cold statue that is a control freak,
At least thee still free,
Or a prison that cold you up cold,
And move you around like a puppet?
We will be here, an island to isolate you for a while,
But what you choose is on your own will,
We have no place to say,
What you choose is on your own will,
And you choose a prison.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Daemon

#60;param name="movie" value="http://gold!

My Daemon...it is a ButterFly am I like this?

Sunday, December 16, 2007



刚才把两位周家大小姐上了飞机飞到日本,好想跟着去, 那晚我们周家把在场的人都得罪了(当然那些人不知道,不然被打成肉饼了)。
这是我三婶常说的“你们周家的嘴巴都好毒”,我们年轻的都把那当做是称赞。。。串功一流。。。 常把不爽的人串起来(通常我们都是人不惹我,我不惹人)但如果不知趣,咱们都会请他吃串烧。。。


  1. 把穿裙的女孩都说成笨笨想不开。。。日本下着雪。。。还穿裙子真的有点想不开。。。
  2. 把来送行的家人说成大题小做。。。一人去,三人送。。。人家第一次嘛。。。
  3. 还有人哭。。。WTF (这我说的) 现在去玩吧了好不好,三个星期。。。真的是第一次。。。出去读书时不知怎样。
  4. 婶婶对我说,扎看下好像我们周家女孩最有看头。。。 the rest 算了吧。。。


Thursday, December 13, 2007


今天天空好像哭过,但又好象发了脾气的黑乌乌的,在回到 Wangsa Maju 轻快铁上看到 KLCC 好像被闹着脾气流着泪的找“人” 出气。。。 KLCC 的灯光在反抗着,没了顶,但没有好点的相机,没有好点的 perspective 轻快铁上太多人了。。。 下了车才有几会。。。但手机的相机就是 limited...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Secrets, everyone have their own secrets even the most naïve person have a few skeleton in their closet. There can’t total truth in this world even the most loveable couple, well as they say if they didn’t find out it is always right to the other side that try to keep it.
Sometimes secrets can be dangerous, it bring a couple a part, it crack a family, it can be mysterious, it can be just a joke…
I have build up my closet, it is getting bigger and bigger the bones pilling up, mentally it is kind of tired. But still I didn’t find someone that I want to show to skeletons to maybe bit-by-bit.
If you want to know something maybe you can ask me it depends if I will open the closet or not, but one thing I can confirm if I tell you I might need to kill you…


Lately my blog is quite grey,
My feelings are lately blue,
Work life seems black,
But lately some fresh colors came in,
Mom is here looks pinky,
My cancel leave is uncancel felt baby blue,
I need more green, red, gold, silver...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

is it me?

Lately there isn’t much to express, all but work seems life have turn down the gradient color change towards black and white, Zeek woke up with a banging pain in his head, once he look over to his side there he find himself lying beside with blood like a blanket covering “himself”, “is it me?” he thought with a clam thought, not much horror or fright, everything is clam, is like he have seen it a lot of times. Pick himself up and walk out of the room there is a trail of blood dripping down the hall way. Only a peck of light lit his sight, with the trail of blood he follow, till the end he saw again himself standing there with rage… the other him blow his fist at Zeek... Blank… Zeek woke up with a banging pain in his head, once he look over to his side there he find himself lying beside with blood like a blanket covering “himself”… “is it me?!”

Wednesday, December 05, 2007



最进发了几个怪梦,看到自己在梦里被人打激着。。。悲哀。。。听说梦是事实的向反,有的说是予知,有的说是心理的反应, 太多说法杂乱无章,模糊。。。 是工做?是空虚?反映了自己但,我看不到,迷失了。。。迷失了自己。。。找着旧的自己没长大的自己。。。最近做着自己也不知为何会做的事,迷失了?逃避?是我但不是我。。。我知道的是我要枝酒。

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Last week when to CHILIES one of the my favorite restaurant to dine in, and lately I have come up with the habit of shooting everything I see with my phone (although still wanted a Nikon D80) hahah, new gadget new habit… some of my views while there at the restaurant with my friend.

While I m finishing my meal the manager walk up to us and ask about the food… well you know “how is it… etc” my friend end up bullshitting a bunch about this and that end up the manager send us a complimentary desert – brownie with ice-cream, thank dude and my diet for the night is spoil… well guilty pleasure.

This last picture for the blog is actually a cherry stick, a skill I m still polishing… well believe me or not, it is tide into a knot with my tongue… heheh wanna try?!


刚刚睡醒才发现已惊1200了, 自从做工以来已经好久没睡好了。。。 颓废的生活好舒服~ 希望以后的形期六日都可以着样。。。

Friday, November 30, 2007


同路的人很多, 但当到目地时才发现自个是孤身独影。
“Dori” 他书挺不错。。。买了两本来看。。。

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Men. Women

There is a few kind of women well the major kind that we can see is categorize in to 2 category, 1 is girls at 15 wanna act like 30 the other one is 30 wanna act like 15… well it is clearly seen mostly in malls, well and some sub category well it all depends on the behavior, the environment etc there is women like witches (crazy mad), fairy (perky), princess (soft), elf (wise) etc, well mostly women act according to their mood (no offence) well this is not said by me, this is heard from a transsexual (woman to man) what he say during the interview…
Well at least men are more consistences on acting in our way; there are 2 major behaviors, the son and the father. Well the father tries to be the MASTER of all being… in a relationship, driving etc but they can be more caring in a sense. The son is a spoil brat that needed caring from maybe their mother or girlfriend, more “me” than others but sometimes they can be cute…
This is just something I thought of lately, but sure they are an org or a prince still can’t define they are good or not (in every sense).

Monday, November 26, 2007

Window Shopping

As I say lately going window shopping is going out to see things that you can’t afford, well they just look back on you with white eye saying buzz of if you can’t take me home, another arrogant way to say it is, if you need to ask how much is it, leave it, you can’t afford it… hahah yea that’s partly true and yes it is the end of the month anxious for my salary to come hahaha, damn tired just got back from Batu Pahat well this is the last out station work I will have for now not till January (not that I know of).

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Again with the flu than come his friends cough and sore throat damn hate them ate them a lot, but too bad me and flu are good fiends for years, I have nose allergies, dust, strong sense (perfume, air purifier etc) can just trigger the sneezing mechanism and it will go on sometimes for days sigh, well being sick can’t eat a lot of stuff but damn I wanted to eat all those in a sudden… felt like a pregnant lady… bah is like what I always say 人永远都是犯践的 means human always like to do what is no good for themselves, well don’t you say “no… not me… no~” well if you say this it is bull shit… everyone does even the hollies man… muahahaha… suck!

well friends take care of your body, germs are every now, well as I say flu is back~ it is a trend

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Just got back from Melaka, and before Melaka I m station at Johor Bharu – Plazza Pelagi for 2 days alone, and the third day my co-workers come, at 1st I thought I will die of boredom there but phew~ I knew some friends then damn cool friends and I never know that I m that attractive to uncles and aunties. 1 of our sponsors give us 600 packs of just box per day (and it keep coming daily for 3 days), when I start giving out free and I really no a cent wanted FREE, no one wants… and they doubt that it is real, when they figure out the “really it is FREE part” they take far more then one… well it comes will plastic begs…

HUMANS ARE THAT GREEDY. There are exceptions…

Well no only one time they came back with plastic, I assume they are bringing it back from the entire neighborhood… no bad but this human behavior kind of shock and disgusted me a little…

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pain all over

Tooth ache there is a tooth at the back has part of it chip off… sigh, all because of my bad habit crunching ices, I like to bite on ice sigh have to correct this bad habit. There is an invisible stress all over me I don’t know what it is but it ain’t feeling good.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I’m no superman

Well things that is expected can’t be done perfectly well sometimes I can be blame for nor being sharp enough, well lately too tired to be that sharp… one thing I cant stand here is sometimes I m think as a mutant with 3 heads 6 arms that can do 3 or more things in one time! Damn or I have super human speed that finishes things in seconds darn! Well sometimes I do hope I m that…
“Well I know what I’ve been told
U gotta work to feed the soul
But I can’t do this all on my own
No I know
I’m no superman
I’m no superman”
Laslo Bane from his song superman
p.s. you wan that kind quality and speed? pay that kinda money

Thursday, November 08, 2007


好久好久以前在一个树林里住着一个肥蜻蜓就叫它蜓好了。 蜓对住在沼泽里的变色龙 —— 者一见中情,但者对蜓就是不理才,无论蜓做什么都没用, 可怜的蜓怎么试都忘不了。 在这时蜓认识了小蜜蜂 —— 蜂,认为和蜂在一起会让它忘了者。。。 但蜓不知情下对蜂要求与改变,把蜂改变成蜓要的摸样。者没翅膀,蜓就把蜂的翅膀拔掉, 者有四只脚,蜓就把“多余”的脚拔掉。。。 蜂不再是蜂,蜂也不成者。。。

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another old folk tale

Once a pone time far far away at a village so far away that no one really know about it, and no one really stay there except for 2 friends and their family. The man of 1 family call Razit, him wife pass away not long ago because of sickness. The woman of the other family is Holid, not even she know where her husband have when too, he said to her that he is going to find fortunes when he is back to her. Both of Razit and Holid have 2 sons and daughter, and they have been friends dunno since when…
But one thing about Holid, she doesn’t have the responsible sense and have put her family in starvation when the raining season come, where there is no food to be find and hunt, but she always receive help from Razit her good neighbor, with advice and warning that she have to prepare the next year, but year after year it is still the same.
Till one year, it rain too bad, there is flood and land slide there is not much food left even for Razit’s family, again on the door come Holid for help, this time Razit is piss! He yell at her using the most unbearable words, “fuck off, there is nothing here, I don’t even have enough for my family, fuck off if you still think me as a friend, this is not the 1st time I warn you... and how it end up now? Now fuck off I have nothing more to say to you”.

Well guys what you think the moral of the story tells? Razit is cruel? Or the laziness and ignorance of Holid?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Love. Like

This is a question I got from a friend’s blog… what is love and what is like? Love like love like what’s the difference? I reply you can like everyone but you can’t love everyone. It is?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Pay day

I just got my pay cheque for a month,
Never guess people will be up sad while receiving their salary…
Sigh… I m wondering how to cover my living with this money, never have this kinda thoughts before, never while I m receiving from my parents… blah start 5 days late in the job my basic have less out RM400… what to do what to do…

Saturday, November 03, 2007


电脑播放着周杰伦 -- 世界末日,

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


泽泽(是念“这这”,是我家人叫的小名)小时的礼物都是玩具。。。 除了童年就是童年。。。
第一份从朋友的礼物是在 Form 3,一件紧身衣, 第一条紧身衣,没了,不见了, 但我还记得,它的颜色,款式。。。

第二份是 Form 4 的时后, 一件没袖的 T-Shirt, 第一件这样的衣服,当然当年的我真是他妈的瘦!(衣服在吉兰丹没得拍),这也是她送的第一份礼物。。。

第三份是 Form 5 时到了学校在坐位睡觉的时后塞给我的迷迷糊糊的收下,非常喜欢,用到烂都还收着。。。


第五份是我 D1党的厚礼,一个难忘的生日派对,一个纸黏土做的“润泽头模型”,可爱吧?

第六份是简单的一餐 Pizza Hut,以及天公送的一场雨。。。





Sunday, October 28, 2007


星期六下了班就到 Ti-Ratana,好久没到那里探望他们了, 到那里看到了一个快要考SPM 但还没真正温习,碎碎念了他一整天, 威胁,利诱,都用了不知进脑没。。。 就好象当年老爸念一样。。。希望吧,希望他能顺利过道这关吧。。。

Monday, October 22, 2007


For the 1st time I felt that KL is my second home… days at Kuantan is just killing me! Well partly is because of the work the other thing is nothing to do, dunno where to go… going to places like this best that u know where you are going or you have some one that does… wanna be adventurous but too bad no time… blah!
The route back from Kuantan make me felt a little home sick, passing through junctions that leading back home but I need to pass through it to my new life… sometimes when we can be naïve, I hope that we can stay that way always, always back in uniform, won’t have to think of what to where, there are rules to break, class to skip, home work to ditch, tuitions to attend and a few Ringgit as allowance but miraclly compare to now it is always enough…

Hierarchy of needs (Mine…)typo... cant not can

Now my head is like this...

Friday, October 19, 2007

again bout work...

Well today is the second day and 3rd night at Kuantan, this is the 1st working trip experience I have and all I can say is one word – BORING!!! We dunno hack about Kuantan been eating crappy food for this few days, no guide to tell us where to eat… blah and damn little people here at Megamall, dunno what so mega it is… just hope time pass by faster this few days and will be going back to KL at Monday and still have to work… sigh, work life seems like I need to get use to it… well having a day off at Tuesday, no rest then, need to get my IC, my tooth and “something” done… that something will be tell later in time (when it is a success…)
p.s. I m typing this blog in the middle of the mall, watching sinchan too… and chasing flies away…
Anyone with exciting working life than this?? Any? Intro please…

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Praise more

I just found out that what people say will make me uneasy… is not when they are being sarcastic, mocking, scold etc this wont be anything to me (depends on whose talking), well it is quite the opposite, I feel uneasy is when people start to praise or give compliments, hahah it is happy to get those sometimes but some times I just get “shy” damn, well I m not as thick face as I thought…

But the right thing to do will be giving out compliment always, from the heart that is, being a fake will just make things worst well like what I say damn it to hell to those people with thick mask / double face ass… muahahah

Friday, October 12, 2007


Wow today KL is really a dead city; there isn’t a car on the road! Well everyone should have flee out of KL back to their home town for Hari Raya… well for a sudden I miss home a lot, the food well there is too much to list down over here (check szeyuin’s blog, she have introduce some Kelantan food) sometime when I hear people speak in Hokkian, there is something that draw me clozer, it felt like home for a while but I don’t think any other people that knows how to speak Hokkian can understand the slang of Kelantan Hokkian hahaha geng leh, like a guy use to say Muar’s Chinese, well we have Kelantan’s Hokkian! And Keantan malay slang hahaha those that think they are good in Malay, well think again… not even a Malay understand Kelateh (Kelantan in Kelantan slang) well this is our heritage… love the place well it is where I m born, and fuck those ignorant people that think so and so of that place hahah, we don’t live on trees, Chinese people do eat pork, we can et liquors if wanted you name it there is it, but I bet some stuff you can even get else where… so think before you speak…

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stone Age

Phew~ traveling from CyberJaya to Cheras is DAMN tired! Wake up at 0645, wait the bus at 0730 but the bus only comes at 0800 this is the problem… the bus is never on time well I don’t think part of Malaysian are always not on time I hate being late but lately to work I m always late… sorry~ well that’s the thing I hope it will improve sooner or later… system man system~
If it can have it upgrade till the level that s’pore is, well I think it should be good, won’t it? by then it will really decrease jam here and there because of the convenience of public transport… now it is like stone age… sad

Monday, October 08, 2007

Work work~

1st day at the office~ no one in yet excluded Horus and me, nothing much to do but blog on and check some mails hehehe, well things are still hanging but getting better (I hope…), my terms and condition isn’t well settle (I don’t even know my real pay yet), will have to talk to the boss later when they arrive, other from that nothing much is going on in the office. Blah 1 thing I hate the most is traveling!! Damn it is damn damn tiring! Well for one thing I m still staying at CyberJaya! Need to get a replacement and move to KL ASAP! And waiting for my car to come bah~

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Will be starting work in about a few hours~ sigh… well wish me luck need a lot of it… can’t online lately damn line got cut because didn’t pay bill… long story…

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Growing up...

Yesterday when back to Ti-Ratana after 3 weeks not been there, miss them a ton~ damn Upali now know how to walk ady~ sigh I miss all of it, and he didn’t recognize me, sigh…

Monday, October 01, 2007

Love hate relationship


and side

Arrrgh having a love hate relationship with my new hairstyle… speechless
Everyone is talking about my hair~ I dunno being an attention catcher is it good or not…
Looks like sakai
Why you go cut like that…
But look cute…
Looks like coconut tree…
No la you so big look more like plam oil…
Lala chai…
Bla bla bla bla………………………

Picture taken here edited...
Actually I wanted it this way
But well got cut too short become too punk love but sometimes hate conflict….
IT’S CALL PUNK! Not like the above or those not written…

oh by the way I finally got a JOB~ yea a JOB~ and with this hair~~

Sunday, September 30, 2007


自个儿 去看电影 —— 色。戒, 好费精神的一部戏但我喜欢~
对观众的评语 —— 没文化, 讲电话的也没小声的意识, 最讨厌的是有人在里头睡觉打呼, 从头打到尾…
There is a lot of distraction while watching this world war 2-era base movie, is all about a group of student that try to make their existence worth for the country, to do something, to kill those that help the Japs other than their own race as what they call traitor to the blood, race and the country… love the movie, love this kind of movie but not this kind of audience… sigh walk out of the theater if anyone find 1 movie boring or not by one’s taste don’t spoil it for the others, not t o say talking in the theater….

Thursday, September 27, 2007

away from the nest

Back to Cyberjaya again bah the sampa of nothing to do, better be rote at Kelantan, well what to do life goes on, Monday have an interview hope it is the last please make it the last sien ady~

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

KK crazy clips

the video as promise b4...

pictures from the previous blog i wrote bout KK

Monday, September 24, 2007

life as a road measurer

This is what I call life!! No worries this is such a lazy but still I m not bored of it, well this is Kelantan, heheh if this kinda life for me at KL I will be restless, maybe is because I felt like home here… well it is always my home… even till I have created mine, it is still my home.

p.s. road measurer mostly in chinese here discrib people have nothing better to do, mostly those like me that is on job hunthing ... if you dunno

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My perfect lover

Unlukcy tag by nuan my GOOD cousin~

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Has to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

8 point of my perfect lover:

1. Must be tall, 170cm at least…
2. Must have at least high B-cup…
3. Fit in all ways, mental and psychical. Adventurous...
4. Must be smart, at least not dump… common sense must have!!!
5. Can be independent when must, and lay on me on the right time…
6. Understanding, can read me like a book…
7. Must have good taste… well if she is with me she should have well taste (hahaha)
8. Must look presentable, special and yet presentable hehehe

Sigh actually I just gave 8 reason why I m still single… *sob*
and in a way I m describing Laura Croft (well if you know who she is)

I don’t mean it but this is the rules of the game… hehehe
Szeyuin (well done write all about wai k! write wat you wan heheh)


Thursday, September 20, 2007

tatoos 2

Well just got back yesterday, I m now at Kelantan my bedroom being lazy and relaxing hehehe and thought of doing some design well have to use the skills to prevent rustiness, just got to design 2 more tattoos for 2 friends…

one of the simple 1

this is those what I call 2 in 1...

There is more here, the previous tattoo design… (click here)

Monday, September 17, 2007

KK trip

Brrr... is all I can say, it is damn cold!!! Mt. Kinabalu is damn cold icy hell! Getting near to hypothermia stage but my will power is strong enough hahaha. The company of some friends and the guide keep me focus and manage to reach the peak of Mt. Kinabalu, I was thinking of giving up once we reach 8 KM (0.5 KM to go ), we are so tired and cold that I just feel like jumping down the cliff will be faster to reach ground, but luckily we hold on and keep moving upwards and reach! It will not be the same if I didn’t, I will regret like the others that didn’t manage… my condolence… well at least there is some pictures to see how it looks like hahaha, the rest of the trip at Sabah is just TIRED, once I got down from the mountain I felt like my leg ain’t belong to me, the next thing is I felt pain from my legs to my back, an advice to people that want to go on this adventurous trip, do more exercise! Do more cardio! Go to the gym often if not go jogging often at least 2 months work out!! If not don’t complain after you touch down the ground! Overall from aching and sickness I enjoy the trip a lot!

the 1st meal at Sabah

Departing after our meal from rose cabin (ppl thought that we are couples...)

not going to challenge this... damn cold wei~

the way to the top~

reach dy~ the 1st and 2nd... so call the 3rd taking photo for us... no pride no competition... blah hahaha

the cabin we stay at...

on the peak

nothing els but cold and tired~

after a few hours rest we when straight down another 6KM to land, my walking stick started to crack at the bottom, me and chee siang is the last few to touch down land with a sore feet...

me and sinyong, we are so tired we just slept where we can...

need something to unplug my nose.

at UMS... there is some stupid video that we took (upload later...)

ready to pack and leave, we stay at a back packer logging house call -- north boneo cabin, it is cheap and worth a bunch, with coffee, tea, milo and water free flow, air condition (although not so cooling) they too provide breakfast (the very basic breakfast)

at the airport with szeyuin...

Group photo again at the airport..
from the left Dr. Braman, Stanly, XuejiJun, KarFai, WeiSiang, SinYong...
Second roll, Wai, SzeYuin and YinYu...
well I m holding the camera...

I don't wanna leave...

this trip I have some extraordinary experience...
I know new friends...
I when adventure...
We grew clozer...

There is more on what have happen at szeyuin’s blog… part 1 and part 2 check it out!