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I m what I spill here, 80% truth from the heart, I m who I am with another 20% of secrets I keep to myself... 这里吐的就是80%真实的我,另外20%的秘密建设了真正的我。。。

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

disapointed movie trip to 1 U

sigh, brain dead too much to do but i dun have the urgh to do my wrok sigh, tired... tired of everything, sigh but there is something to be happy about, the guys cancel the trip to redang just because of me hahaha, felt abit uneasy for a while there but hack they waited for me yeah~ thax guys love you all~ need to again crack my brain for assignment and what to do tomorrow??
but a lest i done something this week end, manage to drive to 1 utama from setapak, I drive my friends over, hahaha i m so proud ( cuz my sense of direction is abit off) but is getting better i when that far~ yeah me, and for plus creadit i drove back too~this is the only thing i achive on sunday, we saw a movie and stuff but screw that boring movie, i felt stupid watching that movie sigh cuz i m always right for some movie, but for this aiks...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

it live!!!!

My desktop it lives, it's a live but the other part of it is still not, cant get to read the other hard disk, damn i hate when this kind of things dont just go smooth, dont nothing but watch DVD all day long, i m dead meat men, can have myself to actually do my research for my easay, but hope it go smooth please~ reincarnation... what should i write about? relate it more to advertising? or just back to belive? but now i needed the defenation 1st before i start, read then tomorrow sigh. now just back to the "pretender" 1st hope i m like him, be what i like.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

10 chewy idea

finally done elaine's part of the assignment, fruity, chewy candy with vitamin c, kinda sick of it now, damn 10 ideas all different but damn myself for dragging hehehe, 2 days more then 5 idea is different bravo to myself hhahaha to lazy to think more, the rest is just recontruction of the other ideas using different composition sigh just galde it is over of now, watch some series to perk up a bit have some relax time, the pretender this drama is cool~ just been through an episode that they are in christmas, it always felt warm there but sigh me and my friends and faminly don't really celebrate it, just wish that we can all sit down in a room, cook dinner together eat and chat and have fun, enjoy the season together, waated my friends to be there cause i don't really have a girl to share it with too bad (but even there is a girl, i will want her to join my friends, cause i wanted all the special people together)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

chapter of my life

part of my life
i wanted a car!!! sick of just stay over here at cyber jaya, and the crapy bill that i own telecom but i didnt use it, a former house mate of mine make all those call, and now he is not to be found, fuck him, have him burn in hell men, ass hole!!!! but hack i still have to pay it damn! so see my life do sux hahhaa, neh i m cool with wat i have now, but not what have happen to me... wanted to go clubbing release some stress lately with all the assignment that never really ends, well have more to do ciao~


men kind
just finish watching island, i know it is abit late, or i should say out heheh but i don't give it a damn, the story is cool althought it's a scine fiction story but it is a topic now a days people all around debating, is it right to clone? have a spare part for those who can affort it? is it cruel, taking life from the other just to survive? is it fair? for me i kind of hate this kind of selfish act of all humen being, it won't be fair every where. but at lest some of us is educate to be, but influncing from the group we mix in, the social life around us, it kind of shape some one's behavior it all run in slpit road.

a beginer

1st time blogging ..here..
yeah 1st blog post out of my friendster hahaha, have wanted this so long but kinda drag it till now, i dunno just felt like doing it now so i done it, ha! How u like it... actually men I really, seriously need someone right now, damn i dunno a song can make me depress, my life sux~ (just wanna say that, cuz everyone do) i know my life is ok and stuff but now it really sux, seriouly i needed someone to help me make things straight, she who will just lay by my side cuddle, kiss her on her fore head flirt around abit hehehe... Don't get all dirty...
but now all the song sound sad, even happy ones...
a good friend say that i seem different, i grow up from my own self, i dunno but sometime i just wish thing will just stay like what it use too, and getting what i wanted is easier then now, just wish that i can go out oversea to stay have a new all new environment. now all i wanted most is to get to an island with my friends (which i wont now cuz i kinda get ditch, cant blame anyone but i m damn piss! fuck!) but i dunno if i can manage to go alone, it is depress enough here at home, vacation alone?? i should just kill myself...
damn is late sleeping soon, ciao box, my box of spill haha~