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Sunday, April 29, 2007


a group photo during the exhibition

Friday is the last day of our exhibition, not much business… well it will get better soon. Forget that for now, work is after this few weeks. Ok this is the plan, we decided to crash Luna Bar for an after party, Celebration!!!
We are all dress up (since we go after the exhibition) smart and elegant (at lest presentable), and we have a V.I.P with us – Sageena our lecturer and too our friend, it is quite fun but too bad she have to leave early.
Here come what I really want to say, well alcohol really show our “true colors”, it 1st start with Fresno, he got high the 1st and got recover the most fastest, he got all red and start acting funny dang! Haha, then Razman… well I cant find any differences drunk and not… ahaha, Sandra start being loud and talk more same goes to David hack people sure chat more than they use to, as for me there is always 2 ways if I m sober I will go on sober and sometimes lust come after that… well it happens, don’t judge! The other I will get high loud (louder I might add) and I dunno what have I done…
Well it is proven that designers cant really count, we play a game that we can’t say the number seven (or any that ended with seven), multiply of seven e.g. 7, 14, 17, 21… well the most that we got to is 27 an above… but it is all fun~
Well for those that dunno Luna bar it is damn cool classy with a KL night view and we make a fool out of ourselves, ok at lest I did…

Luna Bar, is a little blur on this pic

from the left, Sandra, Ongky, Dora, Sageena, Hafiz and Mua~

from the left Fresno, Craig, Dora, Sageena, Hafiz's head, Sandra, Ongky and Razman aka G.man hahaha

this, means fuck off!

well after the party I believe this campaign don't really work... sorry Fresno

Fresno's don't drink and drive road safty campaign

Friday, April 27, 2007

late night thoughts

Another sleepless night is now 5am. Today will be the last day working at KLIA and the last day of our exhibition, well hope that it will go better then the last few days, and hope that I am in luck as a few chosen 1. Being up at night always have me wonder about stuff for now I just felt lonely, lonely in a way I don’t really know how to describe, lately I have been doing things that only gods know why I have done it, thee is a big amount of nicotine and caffeine consume lately, maybe is because the stress and late nights, maybe sometimes I worried too much, maybe I just have to let it be for sometimes, maybe I just need to be laid…. Yea fuck it just let it be…

true friends

aiyo dun really know how to creat links yet, sorry will get to know in time

Friday, April 20, 2007

about a sick gal

Well pass few weeks ago (way pass, as in last month) my family when to Singapore to visit my little cousin to she how is she (of cause I can’t go, with all the load of shit I have here) from my mom I found out that she is still being a kid (good news) she is trying to be a good host, asking my family to drink, eat, sit and when they are leaving she will ask them to come again, and complain why we go visit too little! Hahah she act like an adult, well she have to take meds and get shot as chemo therapy, and she will yell at the doctor “do you know what is pain!” and ran trying to avoid the shots (well I can’t blame her), and she won’t go to school too don’t really know why, but good to see she is still being a kid and healthy (in a way…) hope she get well soon and fast.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


A few minutes ago is a friend of mine’s birthday and he got PUNK’D, good prank, cruel but good prank, his friend took all his valuable stuff in his room, damn he is frustrated, angry and sad! Man! One thing is because our exhibition is coming next week, there is a presentation and submission on this fucking Friday. If all of this things is gone… damn! But it end up fun I think (I m not there) but man! You are Punk’d and Happy Birthday again! hahha

Sunday, April 15, 2007

the job

I been working lately at KLIA, as an ambassador something something, in short we are the information people… well one that speaks mandarin (not much though, people that speaks… at KLIA) there is some changes last night I m set up!! (kinda) and is ask a favor from the other ambassador to change jobs, guess what after change I will be the 1 announcing in KLIA, the whole damn KLIA can hear me… but it is still ok for although there is some error made (oops) but I say I pull it out just alright (for a 1st timer doing it in KLIA) actually I have been an announcer before back 5 years ago for a Asian Karate Federation tournament yea it is international hahaha, guess I m good at it (self proclaim bah….)

Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fool~

Well April fool is over now, and I got and pull the biggest prank of all, I pull a prank on myself – stressing myself out, I felt like vomiting now! Damn I m a big mess!
Some one put this to an end please… kill me hahhaha I wanna painless death
jokes on me for being a fool