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I m what I spill here, 80% truth from the heart, I m who I am with another 20% of secrets I keep to myself... 这里吐的就是80%真实的我,另外20%的秘密建设了真正的我。。。

Friday, May 19, 2006

lonely~ i m so lonely

I just watch one of my fav secom scrubs, and this episode JD kinda reflected me, he is ask out by a lonely women who her husband been in a common with life support for 2-3 year, they dated but JD's friends reacted to it, but he blow it off by asking if the women is really wanted him or she is just to have someone by her. some people just don't realize how lucky they are to have someone by them, but having to ask more from the other that is some time unreasonable, well being alone sometimes is really depress, hugging a pillow as if it is a person but all you feel is a soft pillow then a human body with a heart beat, sometime staring no where and gaze off wonder if there is anyone to go to a movie with, to hold my hands to keep it warm, and lay on my chest and weep when she is sad with someone to look after and been look back at, one thing I agree that what he says about people are not mend to be by themselves, when u find some one you care about you have to let go of some little things, even you cant let go all the way, because nothing sucks then feeling all alone not matter how many people are around.


i don't know what actually get into me, damn i m sick of being single damn sick of love songs, sigh maybe i m just not the loner type of guy wonder around when i needed someone for acompany, kinda miss my buddies abit, i dunno maybe of the growing up it sets us apart alot, and it is unlike me to cloze up to people like i have been doing and when i started to open up they are going off, kinda miss the bunch on group assignment struggle on how a game board will be, hahah good luck guys overseas, well i guess i should work harder in finding my long term accompany but not meaningless sex, or pulling friends out on a so call "date" damn sick!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

trip to klang

Damn brain dead off writing the essay, chapter 1 done but what about the rest of the chapter?! Sigh swastika it will be cool if I know more and I m a better writer... Last few days me and the gang when to Klang to find tai lou, have bak kutt teh as branch it really is nice, so it is true that klang is famous for this haahaha (know it for a long time) when kareokie to kill out some time and when for a few games of pool with tai lou, just to have my ass kick he is too good for me. and dinner at tai lou's cafe, the set there is the bom, have red wine lamb, snail bake with mozzarella cheese and some garlic butter damn delicious (still can taste the dish in my mouth) and having 2 bottles of heineken (fav beer) it just superb!! It is a fun day (and an expensive 1 hahah) on our way back to KL we decide to go have a walk at a pasar malam at jalan ipoh, getting a phone from a friend, jiabing brought us to an other 1, and as a surprise, I don't really know if it is call a pasar malam because the length of it we finish the whole "journey" take not even 10 minutes, and got cheated by an unclear pirated DVD (this is an advice to not buy pirated stuff, but hack I m just a student).

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

trip back to kelantan

Just woke up and finish my bath and all, but I still felt tired cause not sleeping on my own bed ahahha because of you (you know who you are, just kidding heheh) an it have been 2 days counting from Sunday night cause I m on the train on my way back to KL, going back to Kelantan is fun, at 1st I thought that it will just be me and me alone with my work but hack what a surprise, wai came back and he thought he can surprise me, but they blow their own cover hahaha, have my RTP shot but the quality of the video... but what the hack, see what I can cope out of it. Ok now to the fun part, we when to tok bali at Saturday and the place is fun, the sea water is clear, the breeze is nice everything is perfect till the rain come ahhaha, before that we are swimming and battling (throwing balls of sand at each other, having alliance and betrayer ahaha kinda fun), we have nasi kukus when we got back to KB, i think the guys (which wai brought back) enjoy it, watch some movie and when on to supper, again something that they never have before Kelantan laksa and that is the end of the day. Till the next morning, we when to latar tembaka, walk all the way up the mountain to a beautiful waterfall, the road up is tiring but the view is killing plus there is no 1 else around, the water is freezing but still we when swimming heheh, the fishies they just swim by you and some time nibble a little on us if we are not moving (tickles) have a few games of wrestling the game goes like this, 2 of us (the big 1) being the base and the other 2 (smaller size 1) sit on our shoulder, try to push pull the other site down, taking picture and all it is fun, when is it 1 something we pack our things and when to the near by hot spring~ men it is hot but find, the only limb I can soaks in the water is my legs and wipe myself with my shirt, cant go all in because I m a little dizzy, well when we are at later Tembaka I drank 3 tins of beer and the last 1 is gulp, so soaking in hot water make it worst (lucky I avoid it), then the rest of the day is going back to KB cause I have a train to catch at 1845, after taking my stuff we stop by a store and have some somtum (thai food, using raw papaya and other stuff to make it, spicy and sour, nice!!) and ask the lady to add some more chili in it, since they require spicier, have some satay as my dinner and off I go.
(I will post some picture of the celandine trip on my next blog so, read up heheh, and leave me some comment)