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I m what I spill here, 80% truth from the heart, I m who I am with another 20% of secrets I keep to myself... 这里吐的就是80%真实的我,另外20%的秘密建设了真正的我。。。

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ex-boy friend’s hand book

Just finish a book for me it is a good book – Ex-boy friend’s hand book by Matt Dunn, this is something, this is one funny book to read, it is one book that might work as a highway between both sexes, how to communicate, how women or how men thinks, wants and needs. Well as a start we are different physically, the rest will be mentally challenging.
This book is about Edward, when he go back home from his parent’s one day just to find most of the things are move out, with his 10 years-together-girlfriend, and she leave him a note telling him she will be away for 3 months and maybe talk when she comes back, the reason she give is “well you let yourself go…” In this 3 months Edward work hard to change himself, his taste, his appearance, his way of communicating with women etc.
The ending of the book makes my day, just hope that this book will be made into a movie~ it will make my day BIG TIME.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is one of the days that we start to play Daniel Powter’s Bad Day, it is truly a bad day for me, when pick up my sister from KL Sentral to research on colleges, damn when we are at HELP (under grown college), the counselor talk crap and didn’t help much. When we drive out of HELP just to find out that my wheel is punched! Damn changed to the spare just to find out it is not in good shape! Call the toll car, toll it over to a workshop and fix it, after checking it, just to find that nothing is wrong with my wheel! Someone pull a prank! Fuck! Fix the spare wheel and get back to my uncle’s, damn tiring waste 3-4 hours for nothing sigh! Oh yea it rain cats and dogs just now! No other better day to rain…

where we are stuck at!

on toll, I got to be on car holding the steering wheel.

Going the wrong way?!

I just assume that the wheel is punched because I check and pump air into it before I when fetch my sis~ I is just a sucky day... 
To whom ever that release the air I wish you "best of luck!" Fuck! 
p.s. I m park in a parking place which I pay for RM5!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008







Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dance, dance in the rain

Another movie watch after when briefing for a part time job, will be start working from 29/2 till 9/3, will be a tiring week, update about it after the event ends.

Watch step up 2, since the 1st one impress me, and I just love dance movies, the same plot, dance for do what you love, do what is right, the move is just sick! And those move in the rain is just wicket hot~ is all about believing in yourself.
They even show Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) the main character from Step up, he is the one that introduce Andie West (Briana Evigan) to MSA where he himself find his passion~ but still I think that Take the lead impress me more compare to all this dance movies…

Friday, February 22, 2008


太旧没跟他们玩了,抱几下,走几下,就累了~ Upali 也长大了,不认我了,伤心, 感觉我老了~ 玩累了就坐下教他们功课,要反省反省下,华语退步了,很多字忘了不会写。。






还有。。。在儿童院既然让我拍到儿童不宜的照片, 12岁以下不要看哦,如果要看要问过爸爸妈妈哦~


Barang Naik~

Wanted to blog this out but keep on forgetting, well election is coming, this I took it at Kelantan during Chinese New Year~ BN let people down too much, not electing this year, if it still go on like that I should vote for the MOON~ most Chinese here vote for them~ as the poster say, vote for them everything increase... is it true? judge it yourself. Don't sue me... :p


最近喜欢上这首歌,蕭煌奇 ── 你是我的眼

曾经介绍我读Harry Potter, 不是你我不会爱上这本书,
行如陌生, 对着你,我的尴尬,我的痛苦,你以不闻不问,

Thursday, February 21, 2008


娱乐一下~ 看看你是那个武林大侠~




Jump to real life~

Again at Midvalley, today I w2atched 2 movies – Jumper & Dan in real life,

Teleportation, this is one of the powers I love to have, going places without cash, just think of it and poof~ you are there. Loves how the life style will be just hate the consequences…I mean the paladins, their thinking are too extreme, must you kill to prevent? Cant they get out some system, something I dunno :p. just one thing the story goes in a fast paste too fast I should say, most of the things are summarize just like that although things happen when he was 15, still…

Dan in real life,

A family movie, a love movie, a funny movie about awkwardness, how awkward can it be? Image having yourself falling in love to a woman/man of your siblings, that they love a lot (marriage love), a father, a brother, a man how he with stand all this with the whole family watching this? This is that kind of movie that many can relate too, it is touching, it is funny. Luckily this won’t happen to me, I don’t have a brother.

还有大家元宵节快乐~ 华人新年的最后一天~

奇怪的歌 -- 女人经痛时


这以前的,也不错下。 有关2006年烟雾事件的~

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Zombie Teddy~

Let me introduce~ this is Zombie my teddy bear, ha! don't be surprise yes i own it~ :p 

today don't know what kinda luck, got 2 interview in a week, hope it go well than...

A friend of his -- Bad Taste Bear, Mr Horny~

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


在Annie(忠嫂)家住,第一天车被粘到到处都是~ 好过被锁。。。


两兄妹~ Post 都一样

  1. 做绿叶。。。
  2. 吃吃吃~
七条路,Sunway Hotel 附近, Gurney Plaza~


600cc not bad~

g hotel~

买炒果条时,我在远处看着摊位上的价钱 RM3, RM4, RM5 etc, 对着那伙记比5表示要5块钱的, 那里知道她拿了5盘来, 吓着我们,没便拿咯。。。难吃。。。失望。。。

一路上很多“再转变” 的banner, 驾车驾到无聊就一直喊叫着“再转变!“, 一车的人都被我搞疯了。哈!

星期日吃了点心就开车到吉打陪忠嫂见家长,拜了个年,吃了一个家常饭(好怀年的味道),见了下我的 ex-room mate 时辰到就回来KL咯~

Friday, February 15, 2008

Celebrate singlehood~

This is the 1st valentine that I celebrate, nothing much just another guy’s night out…
We when to scarlet to celebrate our singlehood heheh, is a no couple’s zone (bullshit), but still it is quite fun with Black Label and all (don’t really like black label but hack to late, have to live with it). 
There is some quality chicks that night but it is kinda awkward for me, too long didn’t flirt around, too long didn’t club… sigh, a lot of catching up to do. 
At 1st thinking of bring a friend with me so that I can get damn drunk, but it end up the opposite… have to drive back home safely, lucky the road block didn’t stop us, lucky. 
Have to stop a few time to vomit and this morning a big big hang over… 

Thursday, February 14, 2008

单身万岁 T.T

今天也是S.A.D -- single awareness day~ 可悲。。。

Movie again~

2 movies again, CJ7 and Kung Fu Dunk~ this 2 is ok for me just is a little too short, an hour plus, before you watch this movies you got to do some preparation…

1st take off that serious face
2nd relax
3rd don’t think

It is those comedy with less thoughts so don’t waste to much brain power.
CJ7 is damn cute, cute cuddly alien, for the 1st time I find Stephen Chow’s movie is blue, the tone of it is slow, it is sad, for once I have tears drop down watching Stephen Chow’s movie damn, still loving it…

Got his collectible touch and go for just RM15… but it is empty, no credit… just because he is him I get it…

Kung Fu Dunk, it is another improvement for Jay Chow, his acting is getting better (by inch), kinda like shaolin foot ball~ and the sound track is cool…
I think people that like comedy will like it but do the preparation as state above…

Sunday, February 10, 2008



新年,相信大家都会小赌为乐,这几天我在着都在小赌,都还可以赢少少(几百吧了 :p, 但还要被Watt,都没了,没了。。。)。
  • 切牌(都会要找一个“刻”着庄家的),也会切几次。。。
  • 找风水位,着位没赢就换位,有时还回看谁在隔壁坐。
  • 摆阵,我妹很厉害,都会把自己觉得吉祥的东西放出来~
  • 有听过一个更厉害的,赌前会把经文抄下来,念一番~
  • 我会把钱用钱包压着镇场,很 Pantang 赌钱时算我自己赢输多少~

Friday, February 08, 2008


今年我们尝试了一样没有过的“传统仪式”—— 敬茶,




Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Black Diary

Trying on a novel, not the best i can say but it is dark~ written last few months still need some edit here and there...

Chapter 1

It has been raining for days; it has been a dark gloomy month for Michelle. Rain has been showering down on her from head to toe shading her tears that project her sorrows. Her black gown soak by the rain revealing her beautiful curve, her make up smudge up but not able to mask her pain inside, grief have overtake her making her helpless even to her own instinct of standing up and walk away, all she could do was squat there and cry smudging more her makeup with her hands.

“Michelle! Where’s my black slim tie?” yell out Zack her boy friend from their bedroom while digging his way into their closet, “It should be just next to the shoes!” Michelle walk up to him and pose in her black gown, “so how is it?” her black eye line and eye shadow matching with her black gown, the black pearl draping in front of her chest making her more sexier than she ever is, “you are fabulous!” grabbing her by her waist and give her a peck on a lips, “but we are running late, where is my stuff? Give me a hand would you dear?”

This are the scene that she have replay over and over again since she walk out of the house, all she mumble is shut up… shut up… shut up… shut up… shut up… shut up… shut up… shut up… shut up… shut up… shut up… shut up… blood dripping down from her arm washing off slowly by the rain while she walk down the street like a zombie.

“Shut up! Shut the fuck up!” yell Zack in madly, throwing things towards Michelle he lost his charm, lost his handsome face in exchange of a devil’s look, his eyes cover with red blood vessel like a bull in rage, all turn to silent for Michelle her sense cloze up to avoid all the violence sound maybe it is in a way to protect herself, when her sense get back something bang her onto her face…

Red… is all red… nothing but bloody red all over the room all Michelle could see is only red… bloody red… she can’t define anymore which is blood and which is wine all over the bed, where she use to make love to the man she is passionate of, where they burn lust on, now… now it is only red. Zack is found lying on the bed some how his pose is weird towards to logic of nature, his fingers are twisted all going towards a different direction some have their bone reveal, his knees are all bloody revealing what is under the skin it looks like something is use to hammer on it till the skins tear open, the bone is crack and fracture pieces of it stand in place waiting to get into place. His face is distorted, should be a result of something banging hard on it not just once but it seems like it is hammer several times, it is sure to say because his right eye pop out while having it’s socket cloze in.

“Ahhhhhhhh…….” All Michelle do when she comes to her sense is scream, scream at her top of her lungs, but no one cares, there isn’t anyone staying around there is no neighbors for them, the neighbors have move, but to where it is not known.
For an hour all Michelle know is stare at Zack’s crops mumbling “shut up… shut up…” tears keep on rolling down her cheeks pulling a black line of eye line down with it, her right hand holding a statue covering with blood creating a puddle of blood bellow it.

The music leads the dance between the loving couple, “Zack? The dinner to night is fabulous.” Michelle lean more towards Zack like a kitten searching for warm within Zack’s chest, “Love, glad that you like It.” the two couple dances on with the music, dance on with their favorite song. Wine and candle light just like any girl it made a night for her.

Bang! The door slam behind Zack, Michelle looks up in fright, “Love, what’s wrong?” Zack just stand there silently as if he haven’t been into the house before all Michelle could hear was the rain outside, the water boiling in the pot and her own heart beat, she call out again to her boyfriend “Zack, what’s wrong?” she walk up to him and brush her fingers into his soak hair and again concerning her motionless boyfriend “love, are you ok?” the next thing she realize is there is a blow towards her face and send her flew off to the marble floor, Zack slap her in the face with all his force, this time the room is fill with Michelle’s sobbing and Zack’s heavy breathing.

The air fill with mixture smell of beers and Scottish Whisky, the next thing Michelle realizes is she is grab by her arm and drag up the stairs, nothing she do could break free Zack’s grip. “Let me go! Zack you are hurting me! Let me go!” scream Michelle while trying to break free, “Shut up… shut up… SHUT UP!” all Michelle heard was that, next thing Michelle realizes was she is set flying across the room towards the bed.

“Don’t stop… Zack… ah… Zack…” Michelle was seal by a lips that she know well of, the tongue behind it charge itself like a snake that found it’s pray. After what felt like hours the 2 cuddle and have some wine on bed naked as the day they are born, the room lit only with candle lights and a slight smell of saddle wood, with help lit up the fire of lust.

“Smack” Zack throw another slap onto Michelle’s face crouching on her. With all her strength Michelle kick Zack in his crouch giving her a chance to escape Zack’s grip, she pick up a statue that is given to her by Zack and swing with all her strength towards his head, a few blows send swing on to Zack’s head crashing his skull like a can, her final blow pop the eye balls out of it’s socket. After the head Michelle hammer the statue on to Zack’s fingers and knees immobilize him to make sure that he won’t lay a finger on her anymore, blood showering like the rain outside the window.

Red… it is all red the blood have painted a horrifying yet sad scene, silence comes with the color red, she can’t recall when is the last time she felt that she know the lifeless corps, she forget how is the touch of the twisted fingers, all she taste now is blood, all she see now is red, all she can say now is “shut up… shut up… shut up…” all she can do now is cry…

It is not the 1st time things like this happen, she can’t explain why, she can’t explain how, all she know is after mourning she need to wash, wash off all that she is, wash off all the evidences.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Which type are you~


after this test damn tired, cause damn long and detail... I think quit accurate


I m back at HOME~ yea! but damn tired, drive 7 hours from KL to Kelantan, but worth it! cause any how I m back at HOME! 

Sunday, February 03, 2008


润泽小弟向大家拜个早年~ 不好的都冲下马桶吧~ 好的来好的来恭喜发财发财

Friday, February 01, 2008