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I m what I spill here, 80% truth from the heart, I m who I am with another 20% of secrets I keep to myself... 这里吐的就是80%真实的我,另外20%的秘密建设了真正的我。。。

Saturday, March 31, 2007

love, relationship

How people define love without a relationship?
Sometimes it can be sweet,
Sometimes it can be say romantic,
Sometimes it's just sad.
How people define what is a relationship without love?
Sometimes it's just getting use to it,
Sometimes it's just staying at the comfort zone,
Sometimes it's just plain one night stands,
Some how I see it as…
It all comes to plain dead
It seems that the jus is all dry off,
It is just sad, so should I say pathetic.
I could say I m…

(Notice the title? I use a [,] not and but now relationship and love has turn into relationship or love, since when we when to be so pathetic?)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Visit Botswana

This is another ad that our group has produce, yea is another group work of ours to promote Botswana, if anyone dunno where is it, it is part of the Africa continent
, and yea Africa is a continent not a country…

The pictures are google, cuz one thing we cant do is flying over to Botswana for a real one, that why we leave the explanations to the body copy. The art directions are mostly took care by Ongky, body copy by mua and the media planning by the girls Cindy and Jesslyn.. this will be the last group project for this semester and the last to be done… sigh miss the whole group work thing, cuz we have done a lot together.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

is not just another ads

All of this is part of the assignments that I have done for this final hectic semester, the truth is this is some of my fav work that I have produce hehehe. To be frank it is a little gross, but hack if not how should I warn stupid teenagers that wanted sex to use condoms?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Zeek's diary, part 10

Shock by the incident Zeek turn back and see a guy tall but not taller then him, tan and medium build, he is the one that have punch Winton on his face, without any hesitation Zeek walk towards the guy and grape him by his collar and question his behavior, “What is the meaning of this?” the guys look at Zeek in a blur stare, “you took her away from me huh?!” Zeek turn and look at Winton confuse, in seconds Zeek felt something moving towards him fast, he turn and dodge, the man throw an other punch towards Zeek, yelling, “give her back!” “What the fuck? Dude are you ok?” Zeek yell in frustration, he stand up straight hold firmly on the guys arm, turn him around and secure him towards the bar beside them, “Luckily I still remember myself defense technique” Winton stood up furious walk towards the guys and wanted to question him, just to find that he is sleeping soundly.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I try to smile, but I m too tired to move my muscle, I cant feel myself anymore, numb! Numb with all the work that is swap, work work work, but still… this is only temporary, after this the real crisis will start, what should I go? No direction? No pointers? seriously sometimes I m tired of this life...


To those that don’t listen properly,
To those that don’t read properly,
To those that blame others for their fault,
To those that being unreasonable,
To those that is ignorant,
To those that act idiotically,
To those that talk behind people back but act friendly in front,
To those that wont give others a smooth time doing their job,
To those that just want to give others a hard time,
There is a lot to list,
There is a lot to complain,
These are what we call donkeys,
To be frank I call them jackasses,
I complain sometimes,
I been ignorant sometimes,
But at least I m still reasonable,
Maybe I m just partly donkey,
We all are,
Mostly in this society,
Most of the people are donkeys,
Or should I say jackass...

picture taken from http://www.bearskinrug.co.uk/_articles/2005/06/16/donkey_wins/