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I m what I spill here, 80% truth from the heart, I m who I am with another 20% of secrets I keep to myself... 这里吐的就是80%真实的我,另外20%的秘密建设了真正的我。。。

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My pass

After reading some blog I decided to share something about a experience of mine... Well partly is because I m lazy of doing any of my work, and tomorrow I will be having a seminar (conducting to be actual) sigh!
well this is a story about my ex primary and secondary there is a lot of memories back then, hahaha the time when we are all fuck up when the seniors pass over the jobs of the club to us damn that is a lot, the time we stay back after school for Dikir Barat (a tradisional kelantan sing thingie) practice, the time we plane to go out have lunch although just around the school and mostly the same place, the time when i have her looking at me when I sleep on the desk just the 2 of us, the time you try to have me have As to match yours, the time you every make me love reading Harry potter, the time I cook breakfast for you and too the time you got punish for a game you play in class and have me help you out, there is a lot but sadly you throw it out never say why, we now are just strangers, cold unknown strangers. It hurts... I m a coward to confess well is I who didn't grip on, and you leave me there in the hole.
I Dunno what got into me I thought of her again, this is been long since I thought of her, well because I have forget... Or not? What the fuck!
well the school that I m in before have alots of rules to restrict the students, weird rules like no jackets in school unless you apply, ya write a letter to apply, shoes and socks must be like what is ask, e.g. the holes of the shoe lace the base of the shoe the socks cant be too short, too thin etc, and we have the strictest hair rules ever (I dunno mayb just to make the student look like pigs), by my time it is better. Now damn if I can choose I wont go back (but if I m back then, it is not till me to choose!) the school now have CCTV all around, bars and gates (make it look more like a prison then a school).

Monday, August 14, 2006

the name~

This is something funny i hear from a friend, kinda bad but funny and true~ haha it goes like this, my friend have a friend in our national language his name is call kan you chun (in Cantonese mean damn moron) hehehe damn bad huh, and this poor guy stick to this name where his "good" friends have "stamp" it on his forehead for the rest of his life with them, and someone came up with a brilliant idea of a English name for him, call "stupid dumb fuck" a direct translation from the name kan you chun hahha, why you ask, Kan in Cantonese/ Hokian mean fuck, so mostly English and Chinese the language come the other way round. So they come out with this. His first name call stupid, middle name as dumb and lastly fuck~ MR. Stupid D. Fuck hahaha pity pity~

home sweet home

Well I officially move in to c3-10-9!! But actually I m in here for about a month ady, I took me that long to update about it is because before yesterday the house isn't that presentable so... here is what my dad say when he 1st came to the place "are you sure that this place is lived by girls before" (heheh sorry) but after a few hard work, it is nice and clean!!! Last sat I when to 1 U and Ikea with my lovely housemate to do some shopping, I got a nice west shirt (i put on friendster) and a furniture. Check the picture bellow for more details~

Well the pictures above are all from my room, the cabinet is bought from Ikea, the color tells which 1 is 2 year plus old and which 1 is new, give it a guess, I love this cabinet cause it save up place and I have more place to but my stuff on, cool~ the most cool thing is the bed sheet given to me as a present by wai and yuin~ thatx guys cool~ and love you guys all ways.

the following is picture from the living room

Well a picture on the way into the living room, once you get in from the front door you will see this big art work done by the lovely lee hahhaa, cool eh~ come visit sometime.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

enjoy being single...

enjoy being single..
life without anyone to bug you.
i can sleep when i like,
go out to where, with anyone,
and be late or early, my call.
get waste, drink like no one business,
get laid without anyone shouting at me.
but m i happy?
i scrach myself on my neck and people thougth is a love bite,
i say... i wish!
sleep as late as i like, but no one to cuddle,
go any where, but not with the one i wanted
i m late, no one call...
i get wasted, no one care...
i have a hangover, no one to panper me...
i m sick!
i m not just single, i m alone...
alone in all this crap!
i hate being single!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Life is hard!

Well what we are hearing, seeing and even smelling bad news is every where, from the poor guy that got kill from robbery at wangsa maju, some fuckers that rob around and call themselves as Kumpulan Devi, and there is a war going on etc there is people suffering, hurt and kill and in the opposite those who create havoc ain't there anything better. Maybe this isn't a good month for all, especially the Chinese as we believe that this is the hungry ghost festival (what the western call Halloween), well we believe that the gate of hell will be open and ghosts are let out to visit their still alive family and friends or some "homeless ghost" will go around pulling pranks etc, that why on this month you will see Chinese praying along the streets offering those ghost some food and money (or should I say hell money) so that "they" will leave those who offer them alone.
well I just heard from a friend that 1 of my former school mate have an accident at Australia and is in critical condition now sigh, hope he will be ok. Will it all be ok after this bad month? Although I m not a believer but hack hope it will be ok.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hell? heaven? hack!

Yeah officially move, actually I move for a week at the new place but no internet connection till yesterday, never know internet could be that nice hahaha, it felt nice to swim in it, but bad news is my damn room is a big mess sigh~ planning to shoot some photo to put it here but not till it is sparkling clean.

well here actually to quote something I just say to someone that is under, under so deep that light is kinda possible to get down..

what is hell?
Hell does not exist, it is a place people create unintionally while they felt bad in all ways,
the devil cant harm you, but all he can do is to seduce you,
the angels cant help you, but all she can do is to guide you,
path is choose they are not force, choose wisely, (even when we are "force" to choose)
it lead you to either hell or heaven,
the taste of the fruit aint important sometimes,
is the journey that matters,
it help us grow.