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Monday, November 13, 2006

Photo race part 3

From breakfast we when out to Melacca and here are the photos
thanks god for the good weather this day, cuz the day before this it is just bad for out door shooting, rainy and cloudy.

our 1st stop a Masjid (Mosque)

after that we when down to a-famosa, the "red city" what ever they call it..

Waiting for customer... Zzz...


kinda disappointed, we have to pay even we are inside!

the legendary ChengHo

we decide that most of the contestant will be taking the photo around the area, so we decide to drive out and shoot our pictures in Jonker street

Pictures are taken with our head out and the car moving, (kinda dangerous, kids! Don't do this at home, we are train professionals)

After taking pictures in Jonker street we decided to stop for the famous Melacca Cendol~ yummy, this restaurant looks nice, give a house whole fee, and the dish here is home made.

here it comes

say a...

well that is it of the photo race, although the result isn't satisfying (looks unfair) but it is fun, joining it again if got the chance.
more pictures of photo race at photo race part 1 and 2

Saturday, November 11, 2006

the love of music

i m touch by the sound of the girls singing in the clip my friend send me her voice her brain and her lyrics... to see is to believe


Last night (10/11/2006) is a party for our class celebrating of freedom under the hand of we know who (only people form GDD7B can relate) but it is fun last minutes shopping, preparation, photo shooting and the boost, haha it is damn fun! Just wish that we have this often, and wow for those people after drinking haha, didn't realize before that they are such a talker after they are high damn! I guess every time in class that we needed a discussion (and active 1) we just need black 99, chivas and a Malibu (is it spell like this? to drunk to notice) well it is fun alright but now it is not, Hang Over!!! Ouch!