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I m what I spill here, 80% truth from the heart, I m who I am with another 20% of secrets I keep to myself... 这里吐的就是80%真实的我,另外20%的秘密建设了真正的我。。。

Thursday, June 18, 2009







Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama~

Mama's birthday~!!! mama coming one year more beautiful~ mama I love you, hope that didn't give you any heart ache this year round, i know that what is promise last year is still not there... will work harder... Happy Birthday mama~


今天我同事在facebook tag我,他写了一段蛮负面的文章述说着他的认真、决心、热血等,他的每段经历直到我们这分工。。。缺乏领导能力的上司、上司的无理、公司经济的动摇,种种因素腐蚀着他开始的认真、决心、热血。。。




Monday, June 08, 2009




Have been staying at my uncle’s for 2 weeks! And today I m finally home (it is hot without aircon). The 1st thing I did is a haircut, 2nd change my bed sheets, 3rd…? Lazy to move any further blog 1st…
Before: I felt this is a little vamparic~

Back to my haircut~ I wanted a drastic change or look, a look that I have long set a side (since secondary school), short! Very short!
After: well this will be the vampire slaver

Now I have some confidence to go shorter~!!! Haha since my dad just shave his head last few days… I m just going with the trend haha

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Store up craziness

I keep on wondering what I have miss out of Friday, there something not right for the weekend, some people are not here, some times and slots are not filled.

I thoughts keep on linger on last week when an adhoc gathering surface, 3 friends came from KB for a holiday trip, 1 came back from Beijing to renew her visa… this is something upland and damn really miss it. Late nights, dinner, shopping etc these things have been long gone since all of us start working… but hope dearly that it is just kept quietly in our hearts’ storeroom.

My JD Chocolate!!! Thanks yiling~

@ Pyramid, ice monster~

the traffic light

the BIGday big ice tea

it is MINE!!! buzz off!!!

the birthday girl: "stop fighting I buy you guys one more"

Next gathering, Hari Raya~ back to KB to party!!! Well for those that think “huh? You can party at Kelantan? Do what sitting separately guys and girls and play chockak?” I suggest that you get a chance and go to Kelantan~