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Sunday, July 23, 2006

bad day

well as the song goes, I just hope that it is that easy to get something off our backs, damn it is just a bad day today, we have plans to go to the movies but this ass hole came out of no where and snatch my friend's bag, and make a fortune by doing this you ass hole, next time get someone your own size. Well if he is really desperate for money or for emergency... but I still cant accept that he push my friend into this kind of situation, she is damn low the whole day and it is heart breaking to see this for this I curse you, curse you to eternity... arrgh the whole day I m damn frust but I must help the rest with their stuff 1st. 1st cancel ATM cards, 2nd close phone line and lastly make a police report. Sigh I just hope it will be over but hack thanks to that ass hole we all got a chapter of this in each others life and it kinda bond us more...

(This is just now)
well after everything we got back wai's place to have a rest, and me and yong along with emily decide to go for a movie at midvelly later, (but Miss emily put us plane) we watch lake house, it sounded like a horror but it is a romances, a beautiful story about a guy and a girl get to know each other and have move pass each other but then got to know each other in different time dimension... watch it for yourself to know more hahaha

Thursday, July 20, 2006


well you cant just stop time, here it is my birthday and you know the sucky thing is, I m lock up a wai's house without TV but just this come, lucky I can online if not I may just kill myself hours ago, now waiting for sy to come fetch me and too she have the spare key (I leave it there, sigh) later dunno where to go and what to do, is just an other boring day... it's my birthday what should it be boring!!!! this grown more worst every year, let's just hope that this year I don’t have to soak in rain water again, at lest this year is better with more people celebrating it for me, kinda miss my 20th birthday, I arrive at KL that day at 0 hour and have to sleep in the airport because there is no more transport back to setapak, have a birthday meal myself (KFC) and when to the departure part and sleep till the next day and got my ass back home, that night my great friends help me celebrate at telephone we have about 15 something people (I forget) but it is a loud bunch, after meal we when to the field in front and they set up a cake for me which I know it is a trap (I know because the cake is cut off in odd shape) after I blow the candles the cut off part come flying onto my face! haha have a game of cream and cake tossing, after it all stop the real cake come out, I still remember it is black forest miss it, miss the night and miss all of you guys. birthday always bring back memory, I remember the 1st birthday at KL I receive a card weeks after from a bunch of good friends, this is not all I still have the hand made card till today, there is once when I have my room tidy up I again found the card and tears just drop out... I realize I just miss them much! Too much... Love you guys all of you guys who cherish me as a friend, a brother.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

growing up

today is just a tiring day haha, when to midvelly, watch a lonely movie of superman return and as for tomorrow it will be the same thing since I m forgotten... after the movie I meet up Emily and when hunting for Wai's birthday presents and lastly coming up with a decision to buy him a shoe (which it is damn cool, and a lot of people chip in the share, but I bet they don’t event know what the present is hahaha). Well after this we waited for Wai to come fetch us to dinner at telephone restaurant, is a friend's of wai's birthday, well happy birthday (forget his name). the main point is I felt odd, weird, (i got full damn full with all the meat n stuff, give me a mutton now and I will throw out) I felt like an outcast (usually I don’t felt like that) just felt not belong to this group, I just dunno why (sad to say) the whole night I m just quiet sitting hated that ain’t myself, usually I will just mix around talk carp here and there and joke around well now I m just like a cold volcano. Well actually when I move to Cyber Jaya I felt this way although I made some cool friends but... maybe I just miss my old life, my old friends here and there. This is part of growing up I hated, everyone will have their own life with or without others. Living at this so call intelligent city just make it worst, long days without releasing tension (clubbing haaha), and a long time without a relationship really knock things out of me. I m not what I m any more, I felt lost sometimes, miss some friends, even think of people who abandon me as a friend or a lover... well sadly I cant event get a date for a movie hahah, now my confidence is dropping... is this part of growing? I m not buying I m tired and I hated it! I choose not to be some people think I will be or potentially to be, but it gone to a path of desperate lonesome. I don't wanna grow up...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I m sexy~

Even though you are sexy, both men and women agree that confidence and a sense of humor are very important when seeking a date or soul mate. So whether you are looking for true love or simply dating, a confident smile goes a long way.

this is a test I took form http://www.sexgage.com/cgi-local/sexgage7.pl
wow cant believe the result hahah I m STEAMY! hahah but here is the problem, if I m that sexy why when it comes to girls and searching for a date I came so hard for me? Maybe is because of the confidence thingie what you think?


Damn boring sitting at home nothing to do, 1 reasons is because there is no one to go out with, the 2nd reason is because my license is expired have to wait for my dad to help me renew it sigh~ why all go back so soon... 1 more week for me to be here, although I love being home but with nothing better to do but chores I m dead board!!!!! Miss you guys soon much, love to siting the same car going places, cooking stuff together, eat and clean up, mocking each other with no respect but because our relationship is too strong, it shield us from being angry (but not to the extreme, haahha) well there isn't any kind of voodoo magic I can do to stop time... But to let it be, everyone have their own life to be, at let it well be.

Lunch set

this is a lunch set we ate one afternoon forget when ady, with shuhjiun and sang, a Mexican food, with salad and stir fry chicken (or gill also can) with some cheese too bad there is no salsa sos available. With fresh orange + lemon good for health hehehe
sorry for the presentation aint that good looking but i promise it taste good! Yumm

Part of the famous trio (standing Buddha temple)

well away from the fucking incident happen today, back to a few days earlier.
well like everyday we when jogging and after that 3 of us when to a place I love for breakfast, this place is just a few KM away from my house a walking distance the food here is just lovely~ ahaha after breakfast we when back to my place to take our bath, after some rest and a bath we have our way to Pekalan Kubur, is a place at the border of Kelantan and Thailand, the stuff there is cheap and tax free, one of the reason we wanted to go over is because Sang wanted to buy some begs, and the other reason is because I wanted to buy some alcohol hahaa, Sang got what she wan, 2 begs a backpack and a sling beg for only 30 bucks and it is damn cool, but as for me no luck the chivas I m about to buy cost only 79 buck, bacadi 50 bucks damn cheap and it is original, it is just duty free, but the fucking thing is we needed a past port (check I have) the other thing we needed is we need to go over to Thailand with the stuff we buy. aiks. Just hang for a while reverse. Put back the box and walk out damn, since then I m "wineing" till we got to our car hahaha, the girls felt like they are with a boy that his mom wont buy him a toy he wanted.
well on the way back I when through a different road and kinda end up at Tumpat but sadly I m not that fond to the place and get lost in the small town itself, stop for some direction, the owner of the shop has his employee lead us. The guy on his bicycle escort us to the way out (never have an escort before), and when I m at a junction the car that is supposed to turn in stop for me to go out hahaha, in conclusion we say that Tumpat people are all good heart.
on the way back to KB we past the temple of the Standing Buddha, the temple is just shocking (never been here before, huh and I call myself a Kelantanist) but too bad we have to camera, so after a brief tour we decide to go later with camera hahaha before dinner (and this place isn't near to town).
at 1700++ shuh jiun come over to fates me and with my camera we took some picture.

the temple, this is just part of it, the main part

the main Buddha, ant it beautiful~ I mean the detail on it the fabric and stuff damn it is good!

look, look!

I admit ok I m big! Both of them = to 1 of me hahaha shuhjin n sang sang

from here we finish our photographic trip to the temple and drove down to the beach for dinner of belut (what we call for eel here)
on our way to the beach (the beach name is PCB, pantai cahaya bulan means moon light beach) we kinda experiment abit with shuhjiun's hair hahah this is the process

but the out come is just errm... errm.. all I have to say is we dun have enough equitment hahaha... but the time we are done we reach the restaurant, and we order before the rest of the guys arrive because it kinda take a while to have our meal serve. We order a kg or belut (eel) stir fry papet (a kind of Thai cooking style, kinda spicy) and half a kg of belut (eel) cook with dry chili (surprisingly this dish isn't that spicy, all because of yilun, cuz he is "weak" hahah, neh he have some tummy problem then and when he eat something too spicy his lips will swollen like 2 hot dogs), a kangkung and some tofu on mettle plate fabulous. No one care to go take the camera in the car because all of us are too busy eating hahah so we have so after meal picture

kenny and yilun

yucky bones and left overs look at my face, it just show yuck!

fun, kenny, yilun, sang, shuhjiun, and me~ miss you guys ady now hope that the holiday is longer and we have just stay like this hahaha (grow up tzer grow up)


Hey guys here is something interesting, earlier when I m chatting with my friend's on MSN u come to a topic: pregnant before marriage, but this is not all, is pregnant on a young age, like us young adult 25 and bellow, will you have the baby out and get married or have an abortion. I think this debate have been going on for donkey years ady but still...

for me I say I will have an abortion because I still cant effort to have a responsibility that big yet, yes I will love the girl n I love children but this is all in the wrong reason to get the baby out, when one is still struggling with his/her own life. I think it will be irresponsible to have a new life that we needed to take care of. There is more then meets the eye, it is not like having to lay an egg, or have a pet, its a human, it needed more caring, needed love, education etc it is huge!!! Above all that we are still young mostly things and relations are not stable having to be force into marries without really loving the other is unhealthy for the child too. Having to have all party suffer is more then a sin then abortion for what I think, so use a condom for safety hahaha and if it really "happen" I will consider abortion. ya i m a jerk~ I will accept when I m ready

Monday, July 10, 2006

i m innocent!!!!!

this blog is taken from my sis, since we are in the same thing and she post it 1st... and i m no racist... wtf just read on...

WAT THE F... those IDIOTS authorities~
Those so-called traffic...always set road block...for wat?hei...dun think they are all anti-corruption...they r fishing...~Today,juz 45minutes before this...when my brother was sending me to tution,we were in a rush coz i was late by tht time...sum more 1 idiot corporal stopped us for dunno wat the F reason.
He stopped us then went to entertain others...leaving us aside ignorantly!~Hei i really duno wat had happen n i really was in the rush...he jus asked his another idiot traffic officer to take those documents from my brother.Tht time,the idiot small potato is talking on the phone.Well,as far as v concerned,he din even noe wats our mistake by tht time...~
He juz left with my brother's i/c n liscence...n took such a long time to do duno wat~I was so angry n frustrated,then i phoned my dad n tell him the stupid police stop us for nth.My brother went down n ask wat happened...by tht time,tht idiot is copying summons for my brother,without telling us the reason.He said tht my brother cut queue worr,ask him to go to hell lah.My brother tried to explain n defend himself...then only he "talk" to my brother with an annoying face."Kamu tak ada mulutkah>?kenapa tak tanya tadi...sekarang saya sudah saman,kamu ambil saja"
Walao,if like this,means tht we hv to take the summons for no reason rite?When he took those documents,he was on the phone n he walked away.R we suppose to shout to stop him ?I D I O T S...
Then i went down n ask wat happen...then i jus heard him saying..."kamu ada mulut kenapa tak tanya?sekarang baru nak bising?lain kali,manusia ni ada mulut ,tanya...jangan hanya tahu nak bising saja."
Then i told him...juz now we were in the hurry then u stopped us for nth..now izit our fault?"awak jangan salin dulu,ayah saya sudah nak mari...kita cakap nanti."
then this idiot...only noe how to shout to gals...tak ada budi bahasa langsung...he shouted"APA...APA...lain kali cakap dengan mulut baik-baik......"so...is he bullying me?a small gal?i jus tell him not to write anything coz my dad was on the way...he then wan2 gv us the summons slip n ask us to leave...tht time,my dad arrive...b4 tht the coparal like just pretend to be ignorant...until he saw my dad...then when they were negociating,i heard tht corparal talking about sth like budi bahasa,cakap baik-baik.Eh,dunno who is the one to start shouting to a good citizen like me.
The idiot small potato din even realise tht my bro's liscence had expired tht time,until when he had no words to argue...then c it...so he canceled the cut queue charge n charge my bro' for driving without liscence.......
Tell u...our country will be ruined by all these so-called "POLIS YANG BERKHIDMAT UNTUK NEGARA..." sHiT...sHit...n S H I T...~
Watch out,i m complaining this,through a datuk to the head of authorities i guess......Hehe,but jus as my brother said wats the point of complaining a pig to another pig?Lets jus c...
(-leaf-'s 2006)

damn lazy to tell the story again n again ady la, this blog i just take from my sister's hahah cause she is with me. Well, at last i amit i got my fault for not checking on my liscence, but hey u know what happen, 1st i miss gave the guy a old P liscence but he still proceed without noticing and ready to give us the bill, but after me act "rude" (provoc by them) he check my liscen again and found out that it is expired, and yell at me, but till then i didnt realize yet till i give them the "new" liscen just to find out it is expired also, so till the end damn bad luck

not to say all police is the same is just they just got pattern, dont ask me i think most of the drivers agree ya?

the above saying dont represent any of slandering or short of

Sunday, July 09, 2006

one of the famous trio (sleeping buddha)

Part of the famous trio

2/7 heheh it been delay sigh, part of it is because I m lazy hehe but the big part is because the stupid connection, I just dunno what kind of service I m getting, I needed to call to complain to get this connect back to the net, fuck, is all I have to say, and they guy said "I can see you have done some complain before" duh~ there is complain but no improvement, darn people just never learn! This bring a bad memory of going to the cinema, we got kick out because the "ticket" girl gave us the wrong ticket! (although partly is our fault, that's why I always check my ticket now!!) we got "kick" out in the middle of the show that I like, and we got stare!!! Embarrassing! We complain to the manager but you know what the fuck he answer us, this have happen 3 times today! What the fuck, u have 3 fault in a day and there isn't any improvement, is not the money man~ is what he said! fuck! But I love going to the cinema so after a few days I just don't give a damn! Well fuck up with that.
this day is just another day we go jogging in the morning and after that we when to the famous sleeping Buddha, I m not that religious, but I like the place, I like temples because it seems calm and the architectural is damn good take a look.

on our way to the temple~ sze yuin steal teddy out

here we are this is just half of it.

RZ the teddy is the main character hahaha

peak a boo~

here fishie fishie~

well after a tour and some wishing and praying we check out~ back to KB, have lunch before pick up my sister from school, have something not much people knows about call nasi kelabu or taujam (what we call it here at kelantan) this is what it looks like

this is all for the day

at night we when out to the all famous roti bakar haha, the bread is toast on coal and it is just nice you have to try to know it, the kelantan laksa is just damn is the best I enjoy so far, and there is no TV around so there wont be any football fever dude packing up the place hahaha, not a football fan.
plus today is suchin's birthday~ we bought a cheese cake and wait for her arrival damn they are late again, waited for almost 2 hour, beside of waiting for her as usual, we talk crap and have a target to attack poor sang hahaha, sang got the most of the bullet.

funny and kenny

me n yilun and the finger stuck out v not mine~ should be someone fat... kidding

finally the birthday girl~ may your wish come true

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

fun night out at 7-11

back a KB, and got invited to a dinner at Perdana Hotel, a appreciation dinner for those athletes who won medals in the sukma, I felt sucky like I don't belong there, since I have no more chance to fight in a sukma (means I m old) the food, errm... Don't want to make any comment cause they suck! Oops... right after dinner sze yuin call me up asking what and where m I, kinda felt something then until she said that she is too back at KB for a few days for her father's birthday, until yesterday she when back to KL again, its kinda fun having her here, we plan a prank and pull it on shuh jiun, I ask her to sit on the bottom and have the front sofa lower to hide her so people wont notice here from outside nor can I from inside, and I call shuh jiun and ask her out, this is where the fun start, after she got on car in the front sit I drove off chatting with her like always and suddently sze yuin at the back pull her hair, she freak out going calling another name of a friend (cause I ask the friend to ask her out since I m driving, I cant talk on my mobile, I m a good citizen hehehe), the next thing sze yuin do is cover her palm on her eyes and move forward putting her face infront of shuh jiun's and let go smiling right infront of her and pull back siting again this time on the back sit, shuh jiun got shock cant believe her eyes trun back and have her eyes confirm, damn it is funny, got you again hahaha. but sometime I dunno, she beat us up in a way, I lost a bet with her that time we play UNO card, I bet her to act like a pregnant woman if she lost in public and as for me to carry her stuff for the whole day~ and I lost, and the other example is a friend XY he bet her on a game of mines on MSN and lost and this is what he bet

sorry XY hahaha, and dont underestimate someone again, same goes to me

well after our joke we decide to go some place to sit down and have some drinks, but it is foot ball month, all the mamak is full with football spectators well guess where we end up having our desert and drinks, outside a 7-11, and I m still in my shirt after dinner, this is what shuh jiun ask before she step in the car, "where are you going all dress up"... hahahha but I enjoy the time outside the 7-11 but too bad just 3 of use hahaha but it will do, just it damn hot sweating like a pig!

ice cream !!!!

been long since the last blog, partly I m kinda lazy hahaha, dunno why, holidays always make me lazy... and the second reasons is because of the stupid big ass TM over here, damn we always have problem with our line, dunno why, it will get low or sometimes no connection! damn it dunno how is our country going to raise up before 2020 I don't think it will too, e.g. my mum just got a new myvi, but as for the road tax it came a week later (thax god), the jpj give us reason like they have computer problems, and you have to wait, but how long they didn't say (means pray on~ fuck!) just hope that this all will get better, but it seems useless sometime...
screw the stupid brainless people, get to the fun stuff hahaha, I when back to KL for a few days to get some stuff settle but "luckily" I got nothing done but watch 3 damn good movies! and got to eat the chocolate fondu from Hagen daaz, hehehe, four of us cao down on, damn it felt good very good hahah, you can see it from the faces down there

this is what it looks like before we start, look nice huh??

syuin, yong yong and Emily (dunno how to spell ady sorry~) 3 cute friend~

adding more chocolate

see the cat like face after meal? damn adorable hahahha (kidding k)

is a nice meal kinda nice, after this we when for our movie RV by Robin William damn funny and the day before I when on a movie date with 1 of the lovely talented girl to a movie date, we watch too fast too furious: Tokyo driff this movie too is damn cool, with hot sexy chicks with big boobies, nice design cars, and damn killing devily stunts! damn it is cool, but from all of this my favorite movie is take the lead, for me when I watch good and I mean real good movie my hair (not those on my head) will stand up and this movie really make me felt electrified, damn! it is breath taking the best part is when the student perform a threesome tango on the competition it is damn sexy! damn damn damn love it much, I think I m in love hahaha with a movie, this movie is inspire by a true story, why don't we have a detention teacher that scarisfie that much for us, I think if some/ all of the teachers do this (not the dancing part but the sacrificing part) our education will be better. I m going to watch the movie again and again, I m getting a DVD hahah damn love it!!!
other then getting to watch all the movies, I get to know some cool people at UTAR, I when help out ah wai on their UTAR idol by then I know some new friends damn we just chat and click haha easy we don't know each other well but hey we have a lot to chat of, wish to see you guys again, wish you guys all luck.

adios that's all for now hehehe