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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

lunch at me place

The last lunch that will be cook for this month, I m going back KL tonight, well 1st dish serve is Bolognese macaroni (it is all left over use, Bolognese sauce use from lasagna…)


Main dish, well I give myself 60%, forget HP sause and is abit too watery

My best side dish ever for now... potato salad

out of yiling's bowl~

our last meal is at yiling's blog, that is Macaroni with Tunna... (click the title to go over and check out the PICS)
wish i can say longer here, dont feel like going back KL and face reality.... sigh

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Well I m still at Penang and it is almost 10 days staying over here, 1st with Sandra, Fresno, Ongky and Sergh a 3 day photographic trip hahaha, well this is the “bad habit” graphic designer have I guess, the trip was fun, places that we go, well I can say people will say seen it boring, but the angle we take as our picture I doubt many have it (well this is too much a brag...) but cool trip.

Taken by ongky, I guess

our 1st meal at Penang, at Gurny Drive

the place we rent at penang

I forget the name of the place, but this is where to dragon boat fastival is

from the left, Sergh, me, sandra, fresno and ongky


look! is a flying pig~


outside some historical fort etc etc....

After that I stay back here and came to Jiun’s place meet up with Yun and Suchin haha girls, the few days is all SHOPPING!!!! So today I decide to stay at home, and be lazy~ beside that we have when to the toy museum, toys~! I love!!! Oh yea and I meet up with Grace a great friend that I know from complicated way, well this show me how small the world is….

well we when to the toy museum, ain't as bad as Ongky said, maybe is because I love toys~, there is soooo much here!!!!!!

me and grace with BOO

this is wat u call kiss ass

love lizard!!! this is a water dragon, getting one soon~ before that need to study how to keep it a life 1st

big ass snake!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Curse thee foul luck

Sigh I dunno what the hack luck this is, but my DVD ROM on my Power Book is now fry, well to those people that is not amuse by those foul words, SORRY I m using it anyway, fucking dick sucking son of the gun, what kind of foul luck that thee have cast on me, ill as a hell thee shall burn… (Too much old English stories…) well now my precious has to use external DVD ROM at lest it is cheaper than fixing the fry DVD ROM, it cost like RM 950, damn!!