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Friday, August 31, 2007

All about EQ... and HAPPY MERDEKA~

What an experience, going out with the kids at night for a national day celebration, so call… damn! No fireworks… (maybe we miss it) is all people around squeezing around, after an hour or a half we decide to go, go yum ca bla blab la bla we decide to drive up to small Genting, (this is the main point of the blog) on our way we meet a gangster, or should I say an ASS~ he is on the right lane, my friend hon him to have him excuse from blocking us, he slow down stare at us… speed up stop in front of our van and walk over to the driver side, (the window is open) he start by yelling towards my friend saying what is the meaning of this bla bla bla and slap wai on his face! Damn this burn me up, I yell over from the back saying don’t even start it… well it actually slow him down… sigh, my friend explain why have he hon that ass but still his numb skull and a bull temper of his can’t take it… bah~ well I still have a childish act to do to this numb skull.. damn I just wish that he will get his ass kick badly, till his fault mouth of his is stuck into his own ass…

(one reason we didn’t start a fight is because there is kids in the car, even the kids know who is right and wrong… dump ass, the second reason is we have high EQ)
oh yea HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALAYSIA, hope it will grow to be a better country...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Luck or Unlucky

I have been talk to wai about what happen to my cousin details here at her blog , what happen is she got rob but luckily she is ok, got back her IC, license and ATM card… you know what comment I gave to this, she is lucky…
Society is sick damnly sick have every one see fault as a very minor thingie?? I say she is luck is because she isn’t harm, she got some of her stuff back so what is unlucky than?? To get hurt? Lost more?? I can’t say no more, I heard of a friend got “escort” to the ATM machine by 4 people with a knife at his throat, lost RM4000 that night… so to means got rob is like a usual thing? I got pick pocket b4, my father too… is like not getting pick, mob, rob etc is something usual anymore …

Friday, August 17, 2007

Part time job

Last few blogs I have mention that I been working at an children's shelter call Ti-Ratana stated at Desa Petaling, well here is some pictures of the cute cute kids and the “kind hearted” volunteer : p hahaha

1st is my “god son” self-declare, ain’t he cute~ well he like he to hold him, put him up high and damn he loves to eat!!! His name is Ubali (some Tibet Buddha’s name…)


sucking on MY lolly!! gready little baby... but still cute~

xiao bao and fatt kor~
Taken on the parade, this 2 are siblings…

hehe Play boys~

Naughty but adorable, fell asleep on the parade

me and hua...

This is just a small part of them

And this is too just a part of the “kind hearted” people hahah

oh yea and check this side out too http://www.makeadifferencemovie.com/

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Color blind

1st time experience at the theater damn long being waiting for this experience~ love it love it a damn lot!
The title of the drama is call TUNKU...

what KLPAC looks like outside

It is a story about what have happen after our independence, sad to what man can cause and do, sad to how people can be selfish, sad to how people can be that narrow minded, sad to a lot of fault things that man have done…
From this we learn
What have happen in 1969 is meant to happen,
The stupidity ways that we have act till this day,
How we discriminate each other till we kill of our love and friends,
Separation will need more than blood and dirt,
Just to lean to be a color blind, to be blind could mean harmony…

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

杂种!! (mix breed in a bad way)

Was eating supper (guilty pleasure, sin sin~ hehehe not good for diet) and have some fruits after the meal, having rambutan and duku and a fruit that I ate before kinda pop up in mind… it looks like rambutan… but not… taste like lychee and till just now I dunno what is the name of it [well before it I call it chap cheng rambutan – in hokkien (杂种红毛丹) means mix breed in a bad way hahah that made some laugh), curiosity started a search online for the name of the fruit by szeyuin… no luck till we call her mom… we got this…

It is call PULASAN…
picture taken from http://www.malaysiabest.net/2006/07/21/buah-fruit-pulasan-photo/


This remind me how I open rambutan when I my younger, by the age 10-11 i can't open a rambutan by my bare hands so I put it at the inner side of the door (forget how to describe it) and cloze the door so it squeeze the rambutan open…

Sunday, August 12, 2007

BIG day~

Yesterday is one of the big days of mine life~ my convocation!! Graduate with Bachelor Degree hehehe (show off a little) but damn it is HOT under the robe is like wearing a mobile sauna! And the ceremony is like a desert – dry! No water to drink from 2pm till 8pm bah dry dry, but it is a cheerful ceremony, we cheer to nearly everything, from our friends to the minister (well there is louder cheer, for friends and the soft one you know who this is for…) the whole day is kinda tired, drive here and there! Weird is one step closer to the real world…

this is the only pic i got... more coming up

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

all about crap


Damn long didn’t type in Chinese, and my Han Yu Ping Ying have drop low~ just a try to see where I can go… the above too long enough to produce hahaha, but still I hate valentine… is like a pathetic reminder… bla bla bla complains…
got this sentence from a friends blog love it… but ha! Jokes on me I think it will be long till I experience it…

bah~ crap blog, the next one will be better… : p

Monday, August 06, 2007

4 letter game

Relationships start up with a four-letter word – LIKE,
Relationships go on with a four-letter word – LOVE,
It dies off with a four-letter word – HATE,
Ends up with a four-letter word – LONE,
It is no more than a four-letter word – PAIN,
Not till the darkness are illuminate again,
Is just an other four-letter word game over and over…

Like – Love – *Fuck – Hate – Lone – Pain
It reincarnate like life does…
(*Don’t come and say things about me using this word, and don’t deny it, it is happening, hahaha)

oh yea and this is my hundred blog I have post~ hehehe yea me~
CLAP CLAP CLAP *applauses*
YEA YEA *cheering*
Siyok sendiri~

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Gloomy" night

Just got back from T-Ratana where now I m “working” I go if I like… (Well it is a charity job) just send Laura off in Uncle Tan’s van leaving to the airport, Laura (a volunteer from England) is going back to England tonight (love and kisses), we sang tell Laura to her (tell Laura I love her, tell Laura I need her etc etc), after that me and wai got off walking up the hill to where the car is park (to go home of cuz), there is a white dog that I always “talk” to when I park or get on the car, tonight he jump into the car and refuse to get out!!! Is like saying take me with you (with the eyes saying PLEASE!!!) damn! I felt sorry for it, cuz the owner kinda lock him up a lot not treating it well I think (there is shit all over the cage) bah~ he is smart that can be say… arrrgh the sad eyes do hunt….

a few trow before Laura leave~